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Review | Chelsea Physic Garden

Sometimes I really need to get out of London. Often I don’t have the time. This is a slightly sorry state of affairs but it’s just how things are at the moment. However it’s also a situation which can lead to wonderful discoveries such as the Chelsea Physic Garden. My gardening […]

Food thoughts

Growing food in London

I currently live in a flat in London’s Zone 2. I’m well aware that despite the apparent distance between my table and where my food is produced, raised, and grown, whenever I eat I have the opportunity to exercise my convictions about myriad food questions and issues – cross-reference Wendell […]


Review | Carioca, Market Row, Brixton

“How soon can we go back without it being weird?” Carioca is a sparkling gem in Brixton’s Market Row offering delicious and bright Brazilian-inspired dishes for brunch, dinner and everything in between. Run by brothers Maurilio and Eusebio (Tony) Goncalves, the vibrant hubbub of this busy little place is the […]


Review | Proper Good Pies, London

Who doesn’t love a good pie? A proper pie with a pastry bottom and sides, as well as a crispy golden top. None of this ‘it’s got a pastry lid so it’s a pie’ rubbish. That’s a stew, with a pastry hat. Which I’m also happy to eat, but only […]