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Pies pickles more pies
Proper Good Pies and proper good pickles.

follow Who doesn’t love a good pie? A proper pie with a pastry bottom and sides, as well as a crispy golden top. None of this ‘it’s got a pastry lid so it’s a pie’ rubbish. That’s a stew, with a pastry hat. Which I’m also happy to eat, but only when you call it what it is.

provigil without prescription Enter, Proper Good Pies. From Yorkshire. Made in Skipton and shipped down by Olivia’s uncle for her to sell in London Town.

retail price of singulair It was a bloody miserable, hoods-up kinda Saturday when I decided to go up to the small but perfectly formed Druid Street Market in Bermondsey. By the time I’d traipsed from Borough station, complete with dripping nose and damp socks, I was ready for pie. With eyes peeled, I spotted a small stall with a sunny yellow gingham tablecloth and jars of colourful pickles to boot.

Pork pie London
My delicious pork, stilton apple and ginger pie. Proper Good, like.

I opted for a pork, stilton, apple and ginger pie served hot with a dollop of spicy piccalilli for good measure. It was a generously-filled delight. The pork was lovely, seriously meaty and is all fully-traceable back to farms in the Yorkshire Dales. The other flavours combined wonderfully – fresh but warming with just enough Stilton to give a bit of tang. The pastry itself was golden, crisp and beautifully peppered.

I can’t wait to get my hands on another Proper Good Pie.

Luckily for me, Olivia can be found at Druid Street once a month, as well as at Off the Cuff in Herne Hill and a couple of local microbreweries (including Brew by Numbers in Bermondsey). That’s one pie and pint I really wouldn’t wanna miss.


Pies pickles
Some good proper pickles.


  1. Andy Haythornthwaite

    Absolutely love these pies. Best pie in London reminds me of my roots. Can’t wait for my next one

  2. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! My boyfriend is from Skipton and I’m from just next door – we live in Brixton – this news is soooooooo good! Nx

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