Warm squash and fig salad
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Warm squash and fig salad IT’S SQUASH TIME. Eating seasonally is a fairly simple and brilliantly tasty way of maintaining some connection with the natural world when reluctantly living in the city and hopping from the central heating of home to the oppressive heat of public transport to the air con of the artificially lit […]

Blackberry and pistachio kefir cake
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Blackberry and pistachio kefir cake This recipe was developed with samples from Little Bird Kefir. Following my fermentation fail back in February, I’ve been pretty reluctant to have another go. No-one wants to experience that foul smell twice. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat fermented foods done properly by somebody else. Lots […]

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This risotto combines some of the best bits of Christmas eats. Minus the chocolates, mince pies, brandy butter and that lot, of course. But it does have chestnuts, squash, sprouts, lardons and a load of gloopy, comforting warmth to boot. Naming credit: Jas at work. I had suggested ‘Festive Risotto’ […]